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We are open for regular services in SE Calgary!

We Are Open for Regular Services!  At Outdoor Dental, your health and safety is always our number one priority. In full compliance with the Alberta Dental Association & College, we are now performing all regular dental treatments with rigorous safety protocols in practice. We are very excited to reconnect with you and continue to leave […]

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What does snoring do to your partner?

snoring treatment snoring remedies

If you are a snorer, you are already aware that your snoring affects your partner. Snoring can disrupt not only your sleep, but it can also strain your relationship and cause great resentment. If you’ve received an elbow in the ribs in the night on many occasions, you know that you can’t ignore the problem you are creating for your partner. Not only are you waking up still feeling tired, but so is your partner. […]

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Sensitive Teeth? 12 Helpful Tips from Your Dentists in Calgary SE

Do you ever feel a zing in one or more teeth when you eat something sweet, cold, or hot? Sensitivity is a common dental issue – one that causes many people to miss out on some of their favorite foods.  Thankfully, your dentist in SE Calgary, Dr. Jay Patel, has some tips that can keep […]

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New Year, New You: SureSmile Invisible Braces for a Beautiful Smile

Many people feel self-conscious about their smile. They’re embarrassed by their crowded, crooked teeth – so much so, that some even avoid smiling. Invisible braces can provide people with a beautiful, straight smile, increasing their self-confidence. Unfortunately, some avoid investing in adult braces. The cost turns them off. They don’t feel they have enough time. […]

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Fear of the dentist

Do dentists’ needles and drills make you anxious?  If the pain of a dentist’s needles and even just the sound of the dentist’s drill makes you have dental anxiety, you are not alone. Painful dental treatments in the past and fear of dentists’ needles keep many people away from the dentist, even when they truly need […]

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Suspecting Sleep Apnea? Here Are Signs and What You Can Do About It

Sleep apnea is a common form of sleep disorder that can impact your health and significantly impair the quality of sleep you receive each night. The American Sleep Apnea Association estimates that 22 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep apnea, but that 80 percent of cases go undiagnosed.  If you are interested in […]

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Cannabis and Your Oral Health – Dentist Calgary Explains

cannabis and your oral health blog header

Maintaining good oral health is vital to your overall health and wellbeing. Not only does it impact your physical appearance, but you can have serious health issues as well. Today, the focus will be on how to maintain good dental practices, even with the use of cannabis products. Oral Health Tips From Our Dentist in […]

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Why we switched to a plant based teeth varnish

why we switched to a plant based teeth varnish blog header

We love going above and beyond for our patients! We want everyone who walks through our door to have access to the newest and safest dental technology available, so we have recently made a big switch… We now offer plant-based fluoride varnishes instead of our old resin-based varnish at our Seton Calgary dentist office. Research […]

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Calgary dental clinic now offers drill and freezing-free fillings

drill freezing free fillings blog header

No one likes to hear that they have a cavity. It brings up a lot of feelings. Guilt, for instance, because we feel our home care wasn’t up to par. Or, because we’ve consumed way too many sugary foods lately. And of course, there’s always a little bit of fear. It isn’t uncommon for people […]

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