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Dr. Jay shares his top 5 fall hikes near Calgary

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How does this family dentist in Calgary spend the fall weekends? Catching all the amazing scenery our beautiful region has to offer.

Early fall at the east end of the Rockies is perfect for hiking. The crowds in Banff have thinned and the weather is not as sweltering hot.  Not to mention the golden larches and the picturesque views of snowcapped mountains.

Here are my favourite 5 falls hikes. For Larch Valley and Burstall Pass, you may have to leave your little ones at home. The other three are great picks for all ages

1. Larch Valley

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This is a popular hike so if I’m looking to avoid the crowds, I make sure to plan a morning trip.

Nothing beats the glowing colours of Larch Valley – especially in mid and late September. The bright golden larches and snowy white mountains are perfect photo ops.

This hike is quite steep  and it may take some people almost four hours. So I like to pack a light lunch. And of course, plan plenty of time to enjoy the views.


2. Tunnel Mountain (Banff National Park)

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Tunnel Mountain is a classic, and it’s easy to see why.

The trail only takes about  two hours – which makes it perfect for those shorter fall days.

Plus it’s considered easy and well-maintained. This hike is great when if you want to spend most of your day in Banff  relaxing and enjoying the fall weather.

But what makes Tunnel Mountain one of my favourite fall hikes? The unbelievable views of the town of Banff facing west. The viewpoint that overlooks the Fairmont Golf Course and the Spray River in the east also makes the hike worth it.

3. Lake Agnes

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The elevation is a bit challenging. But it’s definitely worth it.

Because I know when I get to the top, there’s a snack waiting for me at the Lake Agnes Tea Room. The building has no electricity so the staff flies the food in by helicopter or walks it up on foot.

Of course, the views are stunning. Mirror Lake radiates a brilliant emerald green, and there’s even a waterfall.

If I’m lucky, I can see the reflections of Mount Niblock and Mount Whyte in Lake Agnes. I love enjoying the views at Lake Agnes along with some coffee or hot chocolate on a crisp fall day.

Sometimes, if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll venture past the Tea House up to Little Beehive summit. This trail is less crowded and has some spectacular views of both Lake Agnes and Lake Louise.

4. Chester Lake

One of my favorite things about being a family dentist in Calgary is living near so many awe-inspiring mountains. And Chester Lake hike is no exception.

Winding through the valley of Mount Chester, this trail is open year-round. It can get crowded on the weekends, so I like to show up fairly early.

The trail starts out pretty steep. But it levels off pretty quickly. The small waterfall in the corner of the lake makes this hike one of my favorites.

Rolling hills and the shining lake make this one of my favourite fall hikes.

5. Burstall Pass

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I love this hike because it showcases all the beautiful landscapes Kananaskis has to offer: mountains, lakes, forests, and so much more.

During fall, the colors are breathtaking. It takes around five hours to complete the entire hike. So I like to make sure I bring a lunch along with my camera. The trail starts out pretty wide, making it perfect for biking.

Fall is the perfect time to hike Burstall Pass since the creek is usually shallow.

Dental Health Tip: Get outside and get moving!

If you’re wondering why I decided to share my favourite fall hiking destinations and what this may have to do with dentistry, read on.

We’re often told of how beneficial an active lifestyle can be. To add, there is a correlation between physical activity and dental health. As a Calgary family dentist, I’ve seen my fair share of patients that don’t get enough exercise or experience pain in their mouth. Whether they’re experiencing a toothache or a gum infection.

Regular physical activity is one way patients can reduce the likelihood that they’ll end up with dental issues. A 2005 report published in the Journal of Dentistry explained the link between physical activity and gum disease. Over the 10-year study, patients reduced their risk of periodontal disease with regular physical activity.

When you commit to an active lifestyle, you’re doing something that will have huge health ramifications. Surprisingly, in your oral health too.

Let us know your favourite spots at your next visit!

The next time you visit my Calgary dentist office, let me know if you’ve tried any of the hikes suggested. I’d love to hear about your favorite hikes, too. Let’s encourage each other to stay active and healthy!

Would you like to know more activities that can benefit your dental health? Contact my office to schedule an appointment. At your exam, I’ll discuss ways improve your dental and overall health.

Jay Patel

Written by
Dr. Jay Patel

Dr. Patel aims to provide Calgarians with comprehensive oral health care and preventive dental care focused on improving overall well-being. This shows in Dr. Patel’s focus on preventing diseases and achieving effective dental results through patient education and the use of advanced dental technology.

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