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How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

A dentist starting a common operation of cleaning the female teeth

Brushing and flossing should be regular at-home oral care habits. However, that doesn’t mean your teeth and gums are safe from tooth decay and gum disease.  Regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings for adults and children can ensure healthy gums, bright smiles, and the early detection of cavities and other oral health issues. So, how […]

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Are Outdoor Dental’s Drill-Free Fillings Safe for Kids?

Getting your child to visit the dentist can be a hassle. Kids often experience general anxiety around a dental visit, which can significantly increase when they find out that they have to have extensive work done, such as fillings. Nobody particularly enjoys having a drill in their mouth, but how safe are drill-free fillings for […]

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Fear of the dentist

Do dentists’ needles and drills make you anxious?  If the pain of a dentist’s needles and even just the sound of the dentist’s drill makes you have dental anxiety, you are not alone. Painful dental treatments in the past and fear of dentists’ needles keep many people away from the dentist, even when they truly need […]

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Signs You’re Clenching and Grinding Your Teeth – Dentist Calgary SE Explains

signs of grinding teeth at night and teeth clenching

Does your partner ever complain about you grinding your teeth at night?  Do you ever wake up with a sore jaw and sensitive teeth?  You might very well be clenching your teeth at night. Bruxism, or grinding your teeth, can have serious consequences to your teeth, in addition to your overall well being.  What can […]

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Improve Your Gut Health, Improve Your Breath

gut health and your breath blog header

Having clean, fresh breath does boost your confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, what is happening on the inside of your body or stomach can affect your breath. As such, it is important to improve your gut health to minimize any instance of embarrassing dental hygiene issues. Today, as your Calgary SE dentist, I  will share a […]

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Why we switched to a plant based teeth varnish

why we switched to a plant based teeth varnish blog header

We love going above and beyond for our patients! We want everyone who walks through our door to have access to the newest and safest dental technology available, so we have recently made a big switch… We now offer plant-based fluoride varnishes instead of our old resin-based varnish at our Seton Calgary dentist office. Research […]

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