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Streamlining Dental Restorations with Primeprint

We’re proud to offer our patients modern dental technology like Primeprint. This 3D printer technology is revolutionizing the dental industry by allowing for the creation of accurate and detailed dental restorations. Primeprint technology allows us to provide our patients with high-quality care that is both efficient and effective.

Benefits of 3D Printing with Primeprint

One of the major benefits of using Primeprint technology is the ability to form dental restorations that are uniquely tailored to each person, which often leads to better outcomes and more satisfied patients. Additionally, Primeprint technology is incredibly efficient, allowing us to produce high-quality dental restorations in less time than traditional methods.

Primeprint 3D Printers

How 3D Printing with Primeprint Works

Primeprint technology uses advanced software to create a 3D model of the patient’s mouth, which is then used to create a highly detailed digital impression. This impression is then used to create a 3D model of the dental restoration, which is sent to the 3D printer. The printer then uses a special resin to create the dental restoration, layer by layer, until the final product is complete.

Applications of 3D Printing with Primeprint

Primeprint technology is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of dental applications. This includes the creation of dental crowns, bridges, implants, and even dentures. With the help of Prime Print technology, we can provide our patients with detailed and accurate dental restorations that look and feel like natural teeth.

Experience the Benefits of 3D Printing in Dental Care

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Primeprint technology for yourself? Contact Outdoor Dental today to schedule an appointment and see how 3D printing is revolutionizing the dental industry.

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