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5 Likely Reasons Why You Snore A Lot

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Solea sleep snoring treatment in Calgary SE
Solea sleep snoring treatment in Calgary SE

As a dental clinic in Seton, Calgary, SE that provides Solea sleep snoring treatment, we have encountered many myths about why people snore and how to stop snoring.

While snoring research continues to develop as a scientific study, the current most commonly recognized factors that contribute to snoring are the following:

#1. The anatomy of your mouth and sinuses

The way your mouth is structured can largely impact whether or not you snore when you sleep.

If you have a low, thick soft palate, it can narrow the pathways that air travelsWhen you’re carrying extra body weight, you’re more likely to have extra tissues around the back of your throat that can also narrow these airways.

Airflow can also be compromised by the shape and size of your uvula, the fleshy piece of tissue that elongates off of your soft palate. When your airflow is obstructed, vibrations can increase, producing snoring sounds.

Our Solea sleep snoring treatment in Calgary includes using the Solea machine to non-invasively administer a wavelength to your soft palate tissues. In 5 minutes, this can gently and efficiently tighten your mouth’s collagen fibres.

This helps open up your narrowed airways and reduce vibration that can cause you to snore and experience poor sleep quality.

#2. Your level of alcohol consumption

Drinking too much alcohol before heading to bed can trigger quite the explosive snore session! This is because alcohol can cause your throat muscles to relax and loosen, which compromises your body’s ability to prevent airway obstruction.

Solea sleep snoring help Calgary, SE

#3. Known or unknown allergies

An allergic reaction can inflame the membranes on your nose and throat. Sometimes, this can be subtle and difficult to detect, especially if you don’t have any allergies that you’re directly aware of.

Anaphylactic shock is not the standard by which you should assess if you have an allergy or sensitivity. Try paying attention to your body’s warning signs of an allergy and see a specialist to discover underlying issues. 

#4. Being sick

This one is pretty straightforward. Being sick with a cold, the flu, step throat, a sinus infection, etc., causes nasal congestion and swelling of the throat that can interfere with your airflow.

This can be seriously problematic if you already have an excess of soft palate tissue. Solea sleep snoring treatment in Calgary can significantly help with this and make the experience of being sick a little less unbearable.

#5. Your diet

Eating late or right before bed can cause snoring because the digestion process relaxes your throat and tongue muscles.

A caloric intake that is higher than what your body needs can lead to weight gain, thickening your soft palate tissues and oral structure. Excess body weight is considered a key contributor to sleep apnea.

A weight-loss regime combined with Solea sleep snoring treatment in Calgary can help you recover your sleep and get the rest needed for greater health!

Solea sleep treatment at our Calgary, SE, Seton dental clinic can act as a tool to help you get the sleep needed to take on the day and stay motivated during your weight loss journey. 

To learn more about Solea sleep snoring treatment in Calgary, contact us today!

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Dr. Jay Patel

Dr. Patel aims to provide Calgarians with comprehensive oral health care and preventive dental care focused on improving overall well-being. This shows in Dr. Patel’s focus on preventing diseases and achieving effective dental results through patient education and the use of advanced dental technology.

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